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Against the scenic backdrop of the Bavarian Alps, we offer exciting career prospects after successful completion of your apprenticeship. We have won multiple awards for our apprenticeship program, with our highly committed apprentices regularly being among the best in their year. The secret of our success: the right blend of practical experience, varied responsibilities, and a close-knit working culture.

Learning in a global environment

We are a global partner to many global players in the pharmaceutical industry. As Europe’s second-largest manufacturer of transdermal patches, we handle a wide variety of chemical substances and active pharmaceutical ingredients in our state-of-the-art facilities. Each of our apprenticeships is geared toward using these technologies to meet the needs of our customers. Some traineeships are focused on the science, some on the commercial aspects, and some on organization.

Our team communication is as global as our customers, which means English is used everywhere. Language skills are therefore extremely important for our apprentices. To help them develop, we offer in-house English classes in addition to their regular classroom-based learning.

What we offer our apprentices:

  • Practical training in an innovative, market-leading company
  • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment
  • Extensive opportunities for professional development
  • High probability of subsequent employment for committed candidates
  • In-house English classes
  • Company social events and excursions
  • Competitive and fair remuneration
  • Capital-forming benefits and company pension plan
  • Staff restaurant, free beverages
  • Travel allowances
  • Health-related offerings, e.g., regular health days, free use of fitness studio

Apprentice professions

Chemical lab technician

As a chemical lab technician, you have a varied and responsible workload. You study active substances and solutions, conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis, and then document the progress made. In addition to chemical analysis, you are also responsible for proper evaluation of the results. Practical training is provided in both the development laboratory and in quality control. What do we expect from you? A love of chemistry plus a good understanding of math and technology.

Industrial administrator

As an industrial administrator, you are the link between management and production. During training, you will work in all administrative departments and become familiar with every part of the company. You will learn about purchasing, customer care, finance, and human resources as well as operational processes in inventory management and production. What do we expect from you? A keen interest in business processes, strong numeracy skills, good communication skills, and the ability to work in a team.

Computer Science Expert – Subject Area: System Integration

As a computer science expert, you can expect comprehensive and varied training. You learn how to work with innovative IT technology in a complex pharmaceutical/industrial IT environment. You plan, install, configure and administer the IT environment of Luye Pharma AG together with the IT team and ensure stable and future-proof IT operations and support users in solving IT problems. What do we expect from you? Your enthusiasm for IT, an interest in complex tasks, analytical thinking skills, sociability and the ability to work in a team.

Fully hands-on in your new profession

To get the most enjoyment from your apprenticeship, you need a learning environment that stimulates, a work environment that’s right, and a varied and exciting range of responsibilities. With that in mind, we ensure that all our apprentices learn something new each day—whether it’s using our state-of-the-art production facilities, preparing financial reports, or helping develop medicines. Our multifaceted training plan takes you through a series of training stages to give you in-depth insights into all relevant departments.

Julia Röck Apprentice

“In my training as a chemical laboratory technician, I am mainly employed in the pharmaceutical development and quality control laboratories. I like the variety of practical work in the lab and creating documentation at my desk. I particularly like the open and honest working atmosphere and the respectful treatment of colleagues and supervisors.”

A strong family of pioneers and practitioners

Our aim today is to attract and develop the Luye employees of tomorrow. To do that, we not only share our knowledge, we also encourage close cooperation across all our departments. We further strengthen that cooperation through company outings, team activities, and social events. On these occasions, apprentices can look beyond their own particular specialization and get to know staff from other areas, which all adds to our close-knit work culture.

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