State-of-the-art products
for the future of your business.

Procurement is the key to profit. However, this well-known principle only applies if the investments you make help to secure the future of your product portfolio. With our extensive development expertise and cost-efficient manufacturing technologies, we can show you how a market niche can deliver a healthy profit margin.

Flexibility with real practical benefits

Most of the active substances we process for providers around the world are subject to German legislation on narcotics (BtMG). To ensure we always meet the varied requirements of our customers in terms of design, structure, and format, our manufacturing process combines technical excellence with maximum flexibility. Specially developed facilities, which are designed around our needs, enable us to produce a host of variants, to adapt entire production lines quickly and cost-effectively to changing international demand, and thus to guarantee competitive pricing on all end products.

Investment security through process efficiency

As Europe’s second-largest manufacturer of transdermal patches, we can offer our international customers maximum investment security. From development to finished product, all our competence areas work hand in hand—and have done so for more than 20 years. Thanks to this wealth of experience, we can quickly scale up even the most demanding formulations from laboratory to market scale. Since our manufacturing processes are certified to international standards, the transfer of technology is just as smooth as your access to international target markets.

Luye Pharma manufactures highly potent hormone products in a completely self-contained facility. This ensures there is no possibility of cross-contamination from other products.

Our contract manufacturing services:

  • Procurement of raw materials
  • Professional technology transfer
  • Manufacturing in compliance with multiple certified quality standards
  • Production of bulk products on state-of-the-art lines
  • Secondary packaging
  • Logistics and delivery of final packaged products
  • Support with packaging design
  • UPI / serialization
  • Market release