Pioneering spirit—
passionately applied.

Our strong and long-standing customer relationships are just one additional benefit of our absolute focus on the therapeutic needs of patients. To achieve that focus, the perfect mix of curiosity, expertise, and knowledge transfer is an integral part of every step.

A passion for better solutions

When developing and manufacturing our advanced transdermal patches, we have one clear goal in mind: to make life easier for patients with serious illnesses. The therapeutic needs of patients are what drive our passion for practical, well-engineered solutions. Working closely with our partners in the global pharmaceutical industry, we aim to make our high-quality products easily accessible to as many patients as possible.

Solid footing in a global world

For us, globalization is an ongoing opportunity to advance on the international stage. As part of the Luye Life Sciences Group, we understand better than perhaps any other transdermal manufacturer the importance of cultural exchange in the development of new approaches and product ideas. While our parent company, the Luye Pharma Group, is rooted in Asia, we are focused on the global pharmaceutical industry.

From our two European locations—Miesbach in Germany and Basel in Switzerland—we maintain and expand our close customer relationships. In addition to technical expertise and clear patient focus, the cornerstones of our business are personal integrity and absolute discretion.

Our formula: curiosity and a pioneering spirit

Curiosity is the key to creating new patch technologies. It ensures that we always keep an open mind, even in long-established projects, and have the courage to challenge conventional borders. Combined with our technical expertise and accumulated experience, this scientific virtue is a crucial factor in the successful development of tailored solutions. The ultimate beneficiaries are our partners and, above all, the patients.