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In a highly competitive world, it is increasingly important to offer innovative products that help you stand out from your competitors. Our tailored and technically sophisticated solutions can help you do just that in the rapidly growing market for transdermal patches.

High technology that results in higher margins

More than ever before, robust formulations of active substances are the key to optimizing profit margins in today’s competitive environment. With our self-developed and self-manufactured transdermal patches, you can not only expand your product range but also improve it by adding more user-oriented options. This flexible delivery method can be used for active substances with low oral bioavailability. The drug is applied in a uniform manner and the dose can be varied directly via the patch size.

Transdermal patch: a better-tolerated alternative

Chronic conditions are frequently treated using traditional dosage forms, such as tablets. However, these can often produce adverse drug reactions due to plasma concentration peaks, making it necessary to change or suspend the treatment plan. With our transdermal technology, the active substance is delivered continuously through the skin. This administration route bypasses the gastrointestinal tract and generally improves compliance with treatment by reducing the application frequency. What’s more, this reliable and well-tolerated dosage form can significantly improve the patient’s quality of life.

Benefits of transdermal patches:

  • Easy and painless application
  • Safe and accurate dosage
  • Easy interruption of drug delivery by removing patch
  • Bypasses gastrointestinal tract and improves side-effect profile by avoiding plasma concentration peaks
  • Controlled drug release over a period of up to one week
  • Reduced application frequency thanks to continuous drug delivery over extended period
  • No first-pass effect
  • Ideal for patients with dysphagia
  • Easier treatment of care-dependent patients

Our technology explained in two clicks:

How our matrix patches work

Our matrix patches deliver drugs in a continuous and therapeutically effective dose through the skin and into the bloodstream. The active substance is held in a skin-friendly adhesive matrix, which allows it to diffuse through the outermost layer of the epidermis and then the underlying layers until it reaches the capillaries. The active substance is then transported by the blood to where it is required.

Despite the fact that the active substance has to pass across the skin—an effective barrier against microorganisms and exogenous substances—the kinetics and duration of delivery can be accurately controlled. Depending on requirements, we can also manufacture more complex patches, e.g., with multiple layers.

Active substances and indication areas

Transdermal patches are a well-tolerated alternative to conventional dosage forms (e.g., tablets, capsules, and injections) in a growing number of indication areas. Currently, there are some 20 active substances that are suitable for use with matrix patches.

Below are a few examples already realised by Luye Pharma.





Pain management

Fentanyl, buprenorphine

Hormonal contraceptives

Estrogen-gestagen combination