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Munich to the north, Wendelstein mountain to the south—and between them one of the world’s largest manufacturers of transdermal therapeutic systems. Since 2001, Luye Pharma in Miesbach, Germany, has been developing and manufacturing transdermal patches for the global pharmaceutical industry.

Innovation made in Miesbach

Miesbach is home to our competence center and state-of-the-art facilities for manufacturing transdermal patches. We are always open to new and established talent joining our close-knit company in the R&D, regulatory affairs, supply chain, production, packaging and quality control departments. For apprentices and trained professionals alike, we offer an innovative and globally oriented high-tech workplace in idyllic Upper Bavaria.

FAQs about our Miesbach location

How do I get to Miesbach?

Luye Pharma in Miesbach is easily accessible by car and public transportation. We’re just a few minutes’ walk from the train station. If you have to travel far, you can look forward to a travel allowance.

How is the work-life balance?

We have flexible work-time models for our staff—what we call the “Luye life balance.” This option is generally available, but somewhat limited on shift work. Nevertheless, we take great care to accommodate the individual circumstances, life plans, and needs of all our employees. In addition, we organize regular “health days,” where we help our team members find effective strategies to achieve the best work-life balance.

What about salaries?

Luye Pharma AG offers extremely competitive salary models with an extensive range of benefits:

  • Company pension plan and capital-forming benefits
  • Subsidized staff restaurant and travel allowance
  • Free use of nearby fitness center

Do you help staff with health and fitness?

As an international pharmaceutical company, the health of our team members is extremely important to us. In addition to excellent workplace facilities and balanced menu plans in our staff restaurant, we offer a range of fitness, prevention, and health services. There are regular “health days” on everything from nutrition to skin care, with staff able to get one-on-one advice.

In addition, every employee of Luye Pharma AG can use all the facilities at a nearby fitness center, free of charge. Located just a few hundred meters from our site, it has classes on everything from endurance and cardio to yoga and wellness.

How about food and refreshments?

We take great care to offer regular and balanced nutrition in our staff restaurant. After all, as a pharmaceutical company we have a special responsibility when it comes to health. In addition to a weekly fruit basket, we provide attractive lunch menus in our staff restaurant at subsidized prices.

Free beverages, including water, tea, and coffee, are available for all team members at any time. For those who prefer to go out for lunch, there are restaurants and other options just a short walk away.

How do you help with professional development?

The individual development of every employee is extremely important to us. We believe that providing career growth opportunities for all team members is essential to boost innovative ability within our company. We therefore do everything we can to offer targeted training that improves the skills and qualifications of our employees.

Do you run company events?

Team spirit is key to our success. Accordingly, spending time together is important: at work, sharing ideas during breaks, and when celebrating our achievements as a team. Shared experiences away from the workplace bring us even closer together and strengthen what is already a close-knit working culture.

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