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for those who have a lot to offer.

Whether you’re just starting out on your career or already an experienced professional, you need freedom to develop your skills. With our flat hierarchies, personalized training, and flexible working hours, we offer the right conditions for pioneers and practitioners to build their careers in an international environment.

Professionalism for the global pharmaceutical industry

People who work at Luye are open to new ideas and love to make them reality. As part of the Luye Life Sciences Group, we believe that curiosity and cultural diversity can provide a fertile breeding ground for innovative lines of thought. These are then pursued within our close-knit culture until we arrive at dependable solutions that meet our customers’ needs. Every step is made as easy as possible thanks to rapid decision-making and state-of-the-art facilities.

Along the way, we expect the same quality from our staff that our customers and partners expect from us: professionalism. When filling vacancies across all our departments, we are therefore looking for self-motivated team members with an entrepreneurial mindset, who can think outside the box, and who relish responsibility.

What we offer our professionals:

  • A position with an innovative market leader specializing in transdermal patches
  • Flexible work-time models
  • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment
  • A global work environment with cultural diversity
  • Extensive opportunities for professional development
  • Competitive and fair remuneration
  • Open corporate culture
  • Location-specific benefits, such as Lunch-Checks, staff restaurant, etc.

Luye life balance

Those who have children or relatives requiring care are obviously constrained in the hours they can work. To help them manage, we offer flexible work-time models subject to location and role. This enables staff to balance family and career, to enjoy a longer vacation, or to take time off for training or special occasions.

Andreas Mayerhofer Clerk Customer Service

"Luye gives me the opportunity to further my professional education and the chance to take on new tasks at our location."

Development through continued learning

Our innovative ability is rooted in the continuing education of our staff. We therefore provide personalized options for career development throughout all areas of our business. In our dynamically growing company, there are many opportunities to attend specialist seminars and leadership training courses. These are available regardless of whether you joined us as an apprentice or a professional. Rather than looking at your background, we consider your current skills and interests to find the specific training you need to progress in your career.


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