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Luye Pharma is a trusted partner to the global pharmaceutical industry, developing and manufacturing patient-focused transdermal patches with proven active substances. Our mission is to create tailored solutions that meet the specific pharmaceutical requirements of markets, customers, and patients.

Global partner for global players

As well as partnering with high-profile pharmaceutical companies in research, development, and cost-efficient production of sophisticated drugs, we offer all-inclusive, hassle-free licensing for our own products. As part of the China-based Luye Life Sciences Group, we are also responsible for the European operations of the rapidly growing Luye Pharma Group, which has a current workforce of over 4,000 employees.

Our plant in Miesbach, Germany, is home to our competence center for transdermal therapeutic systems. Here, a team of around 220 specialists produces high-quality, competitive products for our customers. The transdermal delivery system and its ease of application mean our transdermal patches have greater patient tolerance than conventional delivery methods and are therefore more conducive to patient compliance.

Our services

Flexible processes for substantial results

As a trusted partner to the international pharmaceutical industry, we adapt our development and production processes to the specific needs of our customers. This enables us to provide a complete range of services to pharmaceutical providers at every stage in the value chain: from the procurement of active substances to product lifecycle management.

Milestones on our path to success


Rivastigmine launched in China


Luye Supply AG renamed to Luye Pharma Switzerland AG


Fentanyl launched in Japan


Acino AG of Miesbach and Acino Supply AG of Basel acquired by Luye Life Sciences Group and renamed Luye Pharma AG and Luye Supply AG, respectively


Rivastigmine launched in the U.S., first to file for dosage strength 13.3 mg/24 h


Rivastigmine launched in Europe, first generic product in Germany


New self-contained building for hormone production with QC lab and storage (6,500 sq m), total area: 15,550 sq m


Plant extended, adding new QC labs and production space (3,000 sq m)


Buprenorphine launched, the first therapeutic equivalent of Transtec®/Transtec® PRO


Incorporated into Acino Pharma Group and renamed Acino AG


Fentanyl launched in Europe


Acquired by Schweizerhall AG (now Acino International AG); approx. 60 employees


Moved to new facility in Miesbach, Germany; 8 employees


Founded as Novosis Pharma AG in Munich, Germany